Woman on Dating Site Still Holding Out For Gerard Butler Look-alike

34 year old single mother of two, Annette McMann, today poured her heart out to PD News, telling us that despite being a member of the popular online dating site ‘PlentyOfFish’ for over 5 years now, she still hasn’t hooked up with anyone who looks like Gerard Butler.

When we first meet Annette for coffee, at her palatial 2 bedroom council house in Glengormley, she is busy performing her twice daily ritual of cynically dismissing dozens of emails from regular looking, normal guys (or ‘creeps’ as she calls them), groaning in disgust at their try-hard attempts to engage her in meaningful conversation. (commonly called ‘creeping’).

“Most of them are just so bloody dull and boring” admitted Annette, as she painstakingly straightened up the Tea, Coffee & Sugar jars on the kitchen worktop.

“No, I’m looking for a hunky, exciting man. Someone dangerous and unpredictable. Spontaneous and a bit of a bad boy!” she exclaimed eagerly, before putting the chocolate biscuits back in the cupboard in alphabetical order.

With two children to different men now, Annette is determined to make better life choices in future, and so has spurned the creepy advances of hundreds of potential suitors with relatively decent prospects – in the hope that the hunky bearded King Leonidas look-alike she deserves, will come and sweep her off her feet.

“I’m done being messed about by impulsive, good looking, charmers” she told us “They are exciting, and good to look at, don’t get me wrong! But at the end of the day, they are only interested in one thing!”

“This time its going be different!” she exclaimed as she deleted another 20 emails from weirdos who didn’t use txt spk in their subject line.

In a bid to bag her men, Annette’s profile reveals an impressive ability for both interior and exterior socialising, confidently boasting that she can appreciate both ‘nights on the town’ and ‘cosy nights at home’.

“Yeah, I’m equally comfortable consuming alcohol either outside the house or inside” boasted Annette of her socialite prowess. “I know that’s hard to believe, but I really can do both.”

Her photos, an exquisite selection of face-only headshots taken from an elevated angle really seal the deal though, with several men we spoke to imagining that the suggestive curve at the top of her shoulders and neck must surely lead to a sexy hot body.

Gerard Butler was unavailable for comment, but we did leave a message with his Butler, Gerard.