Taxi Conversations Set to Improve as Fares Rise

Taxi conversations in Derry are soon set to improve, after an announcement today that two of the cities largest taxi firms are raising the cost of their minimum fare – by a whopping 30p.

City Cabs and Taxi Co’s joint-decision, to raise fares from a reasonable £2.50 – to an eye-watering £2.80, has left many local customers super-determined to put at least 30p extra worth of effort into their conversations with taxi men in future, to ensure they get value for money from their journey.

However the conversation hike hasn’t just landed on the shoulders of passengers, as the drivers themselves have also been warned by management that any mention from their side of the taxi about weather, foreigners,  football bets or the cost of running a car – are now strictly prohibited.

The firms have seen a dramatic decrease in driver availability since the new conversation rules were put in place, with many phoning in sick, quitting or being held up in a large queue at the Central Library – as a scramble to learn new high-brow conversational topics gripped the taxi driver community.

Frequent taxi user Paddy Glenross told PD News “I use City Cabs every day and usually get away with talking about the football scores or a bad tackle. But now, with this 30p extra, I’m going to have to throw a few real stats out about the matches rather than rambling on about how blocked I got at the weekend – that conversation usually lasts me till Thursday FFS!!”

The 30p increase has busted the citywide bubble that many residents still live in, with the increase from having the cheapest minimum taxi costs in Europe – to STILL having the cheapest minimum taxi costs in Europe, due to cause outrage amongst the wider community.

Despite the rising prices, taxi men have all agreed to continue to be disgusted when you have hand them a £10 note to pay for your journey.

PD News will be running a list feature shortly on the new topics worth the extra 30p.