Lego ‘Sinn Fein Edition’ Announced

Toymaker LEGO today announced their latest themed games line, ‘Lego Sinn Fein’.  Now you can build your own conspiracy theory, brick-by-brick, from the comfort of your own home, without getting arrested.

Set includes:

  • Fully operational PSNI Death Star – complete with interrogation droids.
  • Speaking ‘Yoda McGuinness’ mini-figure, complete with wise old catchphrases – “Dark forces detect do I. Reality is, mmmmm”.
  • Obi Wan Adams mini-figure – who refuses to say anything, but does come with moveable pipe.
  • Darth Baggott action figure*
  • PLUS:  Complete set of Loyalist Stormprotesters and Empire Riot Droids.

Battering Sold Separately.

*May be your father