International Woman’s Day

I just wanted to write to you tonight, to thank you for being a great role model to all us Derry girls. You are such a strong, independent women, who inspires us all with your great advice and no nonsense attitude to men – who we all know, are a shower of bastards.

Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best, on this great International Womans Day. Hope you’ve had a lovely day!!

Supernoodleona McCafferty

Majella Says:

Internationale Womens Day me hole! I was pure lukkin forward to it all week after hearing wans on about it. But I went up de their shop in the Richmond Centre the day, expecting bargains galore, they didn’t even have a fuckin SALE on! All the girls that worked there just looked at me lik I’d two heads when I asked. I actually had de go over to TK Maxx in the Waterside de get something de wear out tonight FFS!!! Shower a bastards. I’ll not be back near Internationale ever again hi!

Thanks for yer wee letter though.

All the best.