Dear Majella: Letter From James Mc Clean

Dear Majella,

A rumour has started to spread in Derry that I’m going to buy The Bogside Inn. Being from Creggan, this is something of an embarrassment to me and my family obviously. My Da is already getting dirty looks up at the Telstar, and me Ma was asked three times in the town the other day if she was ‘sneaking off’ to live in the Bog!

I don’t know how these stupid stories start spreading in Derry, but I wish people would stop, or at the very least, make up something about me buying somewhere bloody decent!! I wouldn’t wish The Bogside Inn on my worst enemy!

James McClean – Sunderland FC

Majella Says :

Auch James luv, you can’t beat a good Derry rumour. I think ye need to lighten up a bit. Remember the time that rumour spread that Tom Cruise was over in DFS in the waterside jumping up & down on sofas? Or that Morgan Freeman was filming ‘March of The Penguins 2’ up the Diamond? Sure they keep the town ticking over and buzzing. Heard a cracker rumour spreading the other day that Nadine Coyle had an atrocious Derry accent. LOL. I just don’t know where people find the time to make this nonsense up!! As for the Bogside Inn story, I’ll do me best through my page on PureDerry to let people know the truth.

Everyone, Felix Healy is buying The Bogside Inn!! Ye heard it here first.