Contribute to PD News

If are fancy yourself as a writer of satire or comedy, or you are a content creator who wants to get involved in creating funny content (i.e. photoshop, video production, photography, sound fx etc)  then please get in touch on the form below.

Writers would be advised to submit at least one original article by way of an ‘audition’ piece, whilst other content creators would  need to have some examples of their work at to show.  An email address can be provided on request if you have attachments.  (But if ye haven’t figured out how to use Dropbox yet then your probably shite anyway!)

PHOTOSHOPPERS WANTED : At present we especially interested in hearing from those with photoshop/image-editing skills, to help us add original visual emphasis to articles and bring meme ideas to life.  Actually being funny and having your own ideas would be an advantage, but its not essential as we are, and we’ve got plenty of stupid ideas to throw at you.