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Bishop To King’s Pawn

Bishop To King’s Pawn

Gregory Campbell calls for Equality Commission to investigate appointment of Monsignor Eamon Martin as adjutant Archbishop of Armagh. “Not another catholic!!” said Campbell. “Once again no Protestants were considered for a top job in Northern Ireland” he moaned before returning to his own job of figuring out how everything is Sinn Fein’s fault.

Snow Surrender

Northern Ireland became the laughing stock of the world again over the weekend, as die-hard Christmas fans violently protested that Belfast’s Christmas tree was no longer going to be on display for 365 days of the year. Christmas trees, which are only erected over the winter festive season in the rest of the world, have

BREAKING : Gregory Campbell rushed to Hospital

Gregory Campbell has been rushed to Altnagelvin after busting several blood vessels in his temples upon hearing that the BBC were to start a new Saville Enquiry. “Relax Gregory!” we reassured him when he phoned Pure Derry to complain from A&E. “It’s about that celebrity fella, Jimmy Saville!”. “Oh right” he muttered. “That’s the lead

Local News Roundup

~ Nick Griffin has caused a storm with controversial comments on Twitter during his visit to Belfast. The BNP leader, famous for his extreme views on immigration to Britain, was visiting Ulster to support the Orange Order, an organisation famous for celebrating a successful immigration to Ireland. ~ Police are looking to speak to a