Dear Majella articles

Dear Majella (May Edition)

I hope you can help me. I’m a 42 year old man who has been living with the same woman now for many years. We have a nice house, decent jobs, a good car and live a comfortable life. I suppose I can’t fault her, she would do anything for me, but lately I’ve started

Majella’s Valentines Mailbag

Dear Majella, I was wondering if could, through the medium of PureDerry, extend my apologies to my wife this Valentines day. In hindsight, my decision to give up ‘Romantic Gestures’ for Lent was ill-advised. Kind Regards, Bookie Hegarty === Dear Majella, Me again. Just realised my wedding anniversary is in a fortnight!! Can I sleep

Dear Majella: Letter From James Mc Clean

Dear Majella, A rumour has started to spread in Derry that I’m going to buy The Bogside Inn. Being from Creggan, this is something of an embarrassment to me and my family obviously. My Da is already getting dirty looks up at the Telstar, and me Ma was asked three times in the town the

Dear Majella: August

Dear Majella, I’ve been starting to feel like a bit of a weirdo lately because I have developed some unusual habits. I’m a 34 year old single fella, and I haven’t had much luck with the ladies the last few years, despite the fact that my mum always buys me nice clothes and I’ve got