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Derry drinkers excited as pub reopens for 17th time under new name

Derry drinkers excited as pub reopens for 17th time under new name

Excitement spread through Derry like wildfire today after it was announced that a pub which went out of business last year because everyone thought it was shite, would soon be re-opening with different name, and everyone thinks it’s brilliant. The concept of the new bar is a closely guarded secret, but local bouncer Paddy Numchucks, who stood at the old bar looking hard as

MTV fever lands as Derry people lineup for no lineup

Derry dance music fans did something unexpected last night, after they stood in a massive crowd of strangers all night until the sun came up. Tickets for the upcoming MTV concert in Ebrington were released this morning, yet despite no lineup being announced yet for the event, most of Derry decided they’d lineup anyway to get them. The huge queue began

Rory McIllroy Dumps Girlfriend To Concentrate On Acting Career

Rory McIllroy, Northern Ireland’s leading Santander actor, yesterday sensationally announced that he had split with his tennis star girlfriend, Caroline Wozniack – so that he could focus solely on his acting career. McIllroy, the worlds number one actor up until a few years ago, has lost his way in recent times, with many critics blaming

Local Nightspots to Order New CD’S in 2014

Derry socialites were dealt a shocking blow this week, as the owners of popular nightlife spots the Sweatro Bar and the Sliver Inn, jointly announced that they were considering changing their music playlist in 2014. After 10+ years of classic hits from Nelly, Fatman Scoop, Destiny’s Child, The Blackeyed Peas, Girls Aloud and others, the

BBC Radio One Big Weekend : Newsfeed

Panic spread across the city this week, following the BBC’s announcement that tickets for the forthcoming Radio 1 Big Weekend, would only be available to households with valid a television licence. It is now widely expect that the BBC will receive around 55,000 applications from local people all claiming to live at the same address.