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ITV Strike Deal With Belfast Courts To Dispense Justice LIVE

ITV Strike Deal With Belfast Courts To Dispense Justice LIVE

Following yesterday’s news that a Newtonards man was granted bail to appear on Jeremy Kyle – in order to take a lie detector test, Belfast Crown Courts have today struck a deal with ITV, to help decide the fate of other local criminal defendants, on some of their most popular programmes. The five year TV


Facebook Urged To Delete ‘Which Famous Paedo Are You?’ Quiz

Facebook’s latest ego-boosting ‘theme quiz’ is causing mayhem amongst social media fans this week, as the dark side of people’s blind enthusiasm to fill out any kind of online questionnaire, was brutally exposed. The release of the ‘Which Famous Paedo Are You?’ quiz left tens of thousands of social media users, across the world, struggling

Lego Sinn Fein

Lego ‘Sinn Fein Edition’ Announced

Toymaker LEGO today announced their latest themed games line, ‘Lego Sinn Fein’.  Now you can build your own conspiracy theory, brick-by-brick, from the comfort of your own home, without getting arrested. Set includes: Fully operational PSNI Death Star – complete with interrogation droids. Speaking ‘Yoda McGuinness’ mini-figure, complete with wise old catchphrases – “Dark forces


Charitable People Annoyed That Ill Teenager Hasn’t Died Yet

Stephen Sutton, a terminally ill teenager who has famously raised over £3m for a teenage cancer charity, has come under attack from some of his recent donators, after they discovered that he still hasn’t died yet. Sutton was released to home care this weekend, following a slight improvement in his short-term health, thanks in part

Britain Max Clifford

Everyone Famous ‘Now A Paedo’ Says British Home Office

The British Home Office has just confirmed, that as of 5pm today, every celebrity in the entire world will be listed on the UK Sex Offenders Register. They hope the move will help save costs and reduce administration overheads for everyone in future. The change means that the Register will now switch to a new


City In Shock Following Local Man’s Astonishing Discovery

Following the news that scientists in the USA have pioneered a revolutionary cure for AIDS, another astonishing story has today reached us, this time on our very own doorstep. Witnesses claim that a local driver has miraculously discovered a way to make the sides of his car ‘light up’ as he turns a corner. The


Sacked Moyes To Rebuild Man United using Lego

After a disappointing first season in charge at the club, David Moyes has been sacked, sources at Man United have told us that the beleaguered manager, as part of his severance package and contract, will be given a 200,000 lego piece warchest, from which  he has to help the new manager rebuild Manchester United. Owner