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Another Easter Spoiled for Chocolate Lovers as Christians Hijack Festival Again

Confectionary lovers across the world were again outraged this weekend, after groups of religious fanatics hijacked Easter’s annual festival of Chocolate – to promote their own selfish cause. Easter, traditionally a time of year when families gorge on millions of overpriced chocolate eggs, has in recent years been marred by groups of opportunistic Christian zealots,

Jesus Appears in Man’s Egg

A local man has fainted with fear this morning, after opening his Cadburys Easter egg – to find the face of Jesus miraculously carved on the inside of one of the shells. 45 year old Pogues McGilloway had planned to eat the egg for breakfast today, but was left paralysed with shock after coming face-to-face with

Dalai Lama Visits Derry

The world renowned spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, is visiting Derry today in a historic event that some local taxi men are describing as “Ye wha?” “Never heard of him” said an excited Doledrop McLaughlin when we caught up with him in queue of cars headed towards the Peace Bridge. “But this fucking